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Average extended reconstructed Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomaly 2011 ( clipped for CARICOM region Unit: Degree Celsius

Polygon used to clip the CARICOM Area of Interest

GADM database of Global Administrative Areas ( clipped to the Area of Interest.

CARICOM countries extracted from the GADM database of Global Administrative Areas (

Mangrove cover around 1985 for specific AOIs obtained through image segmentation and classification using SPRING ( and the following satellite imagery: Grenada - Argyle: LT50010511986019XXX04 (source USGS) Jamaica - Savanna la mar: LT50120471986048XXX09 (source USGS) Jamaica - Golden grove: LT50110481986009XXX03 (source USGS) Jamaica - Annoto bay: LT50120471985029XXX08 (source USGS) Saint Lucia - Vieux Fort: LT50010501986003XXX04 (source USGS) Credit: UNEP/GRID-Geneva (